Forgotten Giants!!!

You're fishing to the left, look to the right and you see a big dark shade fading in from under this tree branches that fall into the water!

Your heart starts beating, you sweat, your legs shake! You must react fast, you have one shot, one chance to make that unforgettable cast!

Retrieve line, false cast twice and shoot that line which floats through the air like a feather, the fly lands gently on the water, sinks beautifully!

Awesome presentation! The fish sees it and swims aggressively to a frenetic take, strip strike!!!

Hook on, a lightning run downstream past some underwater logs, will it break it all is all I can think!

I jump into the water, lower the rod tip into the water so that the line moves out from those branches! Strong fish, beautiful fish!

After a beautiful fight, I reel it in! I hold precious GOLD in my hands!

I thank God for nature and for the possibility to be a part of it! I say thanks to this breathtaking fish returning it to its element where it belongs, farewell, maybe I will see you again!

Fly Fishing Portugal is just great! Come visit us in the Algarve and be amazed!