Pluma School

Your school about fly fishing!

Here you may learn how to cast better, improve faster, so you can cast that extra meter that will increase your success rate!

Here you will learn how to tie your own flies!

You will learn how to respect the environment and be essential to a healthy maintenance and work of the ecossistems that contribute to this passion of yours, Fly Fishing!

Fly Fishing is a fishing art that goes back to ancient times and may well be the base of modern fishing. There are traces of this kind of fishing in 2000 B.C in China! In order to attract fish man would use feathers to mimic certain bugs which evolved and were developed through time!

In the current days this fishing method was initiaded on freshwater especially with trout and salmon. From there it quickly evolved to other species with massive success even on saltwater.

It's a technical fishing in which one needs to learn casting technique that may discourage the apprentice in the beginning. Nevertheless, once it overcomes these initial issues of casting, fishing while become passioning and the fisherman will most likely never go back to other fishing techniques (at least as priority).

From Seabass to Barbel, all is possible, one needs dedication trial/error/learning but in the end, this art will bring the fisherman countless hours of breathtaking joy!

Be amazed!!!


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