Be it fresh or saltwater, we can guide you according to your preferences.

We will do our best to make sure you have a pleasant day in that beautiful beach where the Seabass swim around or in that little creek where you get excited observing barbel take dry flies!

We have spots where it is possible for you to bring your family along (even if young kids), just let us know and we will plan the right place and include them in the program!




  • #6 for general freshwater purposes;
  • #8 for larger freshwater fish (big carp);
  • #7 or #8 for general saltwater purposes;
  • #9 or #10 for larger saltwater fish onshore;
  • + #12 for saltwater fish offshore.

Backing:  Generally not very important. Just fill in your spool with 20 or 30lbs line and get ready for some fun!

Leader: We have a general rule. As long as you can cast while having a proper presentation of the fly. Generally 3m is a good indicator!

Tippet: We always use fluorocarbon.

  • 0.20-0.26mm freshwater in lakes;
  • 0.20-0.28mm freshwater in streams;
  • 0.26-0.40mm saltwater onshore;
  • +0.40mm saltwater offshore;



  • Chironomids sizes 10-16;
  • Black leeches sizes 8-12;
  • Olive wooly bugger sizes 6-10;
  • Brown marabou crayfish sizes 8-12;
  • EP Baitfish streamer colors mullet/sand and gray/sand sizes 4-8;
  • Grasshoppers sizes 8-12;
  • Black beetles sizes 8-14;
  • Black winged ants sizes 8-16.
  • Damsels and dragonflies red, blue, brown, sizes 6-10.


  • Shrimps sizes 4-10;
  • EP Baitfish streamer colors mullet/sand and gray/sand sizes 2-6 ;
  • Clouser minnow colors chartreuse/white and tan/white sizes 4-8;
  • Mullet flies: red tag, spectra shrimp, flexi worm, diawl bach all sizes 12-16.


  • November-May Waders;
  • June-October long sleeve shirt plus pants or swimming shorts;
  • Hat;
  • Polarized sunglasses;
  • Buff;
  • Flats shoes or shoes that allow going in the water and rocky/steep ground;
  • Backpack;
  • Personal gear.