Fly Fishing Algarve Saltwater

Six o'clock in the morning wipe the sleep from my eyes, (nope, I'm not gonna sing Craig David's Rendezvous), out of bed for a new day. Each day is a blessing so let's use it properly. How may you ask? Well, in this case, that's an easy question to answer, we go Fly Fishing!

The sea awaits, driving feels endless. Finally, a salty humid breeze makes the air heavier, you feel alive!

Get the Rod, the Reel is assembled, don't forget your Fly Box. When you feel the sand beneath your feet you have to smile, every single cell in your body is filled with joy. The beach is yours, no one around you except the curious seagulls and cormorants fishing. You check the weather conditions, no wind, clear warm water. Fly chosen and tied. You rush into that first cast, ups, tailing loop. You tell yourself to relax and make a proper cast.
Streamer flies above the water, lands, sinks, strip strip pause, strip strip STRIKE, HOOK ON!!! Seabass are eating just under the surface, you feel some line tension, how big is it 1kg? 2kg? It doesn't really matter! Fish reeled in, beautiful fish, silver in your hands.

You put the fish back in its element and watch it swim away. Ahhh, whole again.

Here you can feel whole again, Fly Fishing Algarve Saltwater.

Fly Fishing Portugal is just great! Come visit us in the Algarve and be amazed!