Fly Fishing Algarve Luciobarbus Sclateri

Luciobarbus Sclateri or Barbo do Sul in portuguese!

These fish are amazing and mean a great adventure for fly fisherman! They're strengh is immense when compaired to they're size!

Be it with a nymph, dry fly or streamer, they all will make your heart beat and make you smile in the end of a troubled day!

Join that with breathtaking mountain streams with clear water, calming sounds surround you, filling your body with peace!

As you walk upstream the pools don't cease to surpise you, every and each one of them is special and you never know what you're gonna get, the big one may be swimming

just past that big rock coming out of the water! Cast your fly, let the emotions flow through your body, yes, your alive. Thank God for the possibility to fish for Barbel!

Fly Fishing Portugal is just great! Come visit us in the Algarve and be amazed!