Fly Fishing Algarve Freshwater

The sun is rising, your body wakes up! Another day has arrived. Outside the window God's creations everywhere, birds flying birds singing, frogs jumping around the ponds in the garden. The morning breeze opens the window letting intense aromas fill every breath you take. Ohhhh, how life is good, one obstacle after the other smile always comes.

Rushing to leave the house in search of the holy grail, your holy grail. Into the car, drive away, the road doesn't exist, your thoughts are focused. Suddenly you arrive, you see the flats, the moment you were waiting for, 1 Year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, it doesn't matter, every single time factor is to long. You open the trunk of your car, you gear up quickly with your hands shaking, you can't wait. It runs through your veins. Nope, it isn't blood, it ain't dope. It's not fishing. It's a form of ART, it's FLY FISHING.

Here you can sight fish for Carp, cast your streamer onto that one fallen log hiding that hungry Bass awaiting to strike whatever moves around.

Here you can be free, Fly Fishing Algarve Freshwater.