Flies that catch fish #2: The Dark Pearl Crab


Fly Fishing Algarve Flies that catch fish #2: The Dark Pearl Crab! This fly works well for wild Carp, Barbel, Mullet! So make sure your STONFO Italy Vise is ready to go and hand to work!


Hook: Gamakatsu F11B Size 10;

Tail: Marabou Black; Silly Legs;

Body: Dark Pearl Synthetic fibers;

Eyes: Nickel 4mm;

Hackle; -;



1) Fix the eyes with the thread by wrapping in figure of 8 turns just behind the eye of the hook. Make sure you leave a small gap;

2) Fix the marabou tail where the bend of the Hook starts;

3) Fix the silly legs to form two pairs, one on the left one on the right side of the hook;

4) Form the body with the Dark Pearl fibers using it as dubbing;

5) Wip finish in front of the eyes, behind the eye of the hook and apply some super glue on the knot;

6) Make sure you cast it right in front of the carp and just be prepared to set the hook.

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