Flies that catch fish #1: The Woolly Bugger

Fly Fishing Algarve Flies that catch fish: The Woolly Bugger


  • Hook: Gamakatsu F314 Size 6;
  • Tail: Marabou Olive;
  • Body: Chenille Olive;
  • Eyes: Nickel 4mm;
  • Hackle; Cock Grizzly Feather;
  • Thread:Olive.


1) Fix the eyes with the thread by wrapping in figure of 8 turns just behind the eye of the hook. Make sure you leave a small gap;

2) Fix the marabou tail where the bend of the Hook starts;

3) Fix the grizzly hackle feather just after the marabou clunch;

4) Fix the chenille and wrap it until the eyes of the fly, capture it;

5) Go around with the grizzly hackle feather in between the chenille wrapps and capture it just behind the eyes of the fly;

6) Wip finish in front of the eyes, behind the eye of the hook and apply some super glue on the knot;

7) Go cast your Woolly Bugger and enjoy those fish.