Fly Fishing Algarve - Seabass crystal clear waters

Fly Fishing in crystal clear waters is incredibly exciting. You have the chance to view Seabass hunting baitfish in deeper water.

They make explosive blasts towards the prey! Make sure you deliver your streamer properly and let the predator hunt!

Pure silver torpedos. These amazing fish have now reduced populations all around Europe.

Many countries have strict laws that allow only one capture a day.

In our opinion in order for the "European King" to thrive, people's position towards the oceans must change. One must learn to respect nature.

If you want to eat fish, go fishing, hook one, kill it as fast as possible and enjoy the fish with you family. This means, don't waste, only take what you want to eat. Try to eat other fish species that are abundant.

Fly Fishing in Portugal is just great. Come visit us in the Algarve and be amazed!